Criminal Defense Lawyers on Child Abuse

Aside from elderly people, children are considered as one of the most vulnerable age groups because of their inability to protect themselves. It is the duty of the adults, particularly those who are involved in criminal defense. It is up to their parents and knowledgeable to defend their rights as children in any possible way. One of the great things that lawyers should do when handling cases related to child abuse is to keep a safe environment for their clients. Yet, at this point in time, the system most specifically the government isn’t perfect.

According to reports, there are about thirty percent of child abuse cases that only resulted in one successful allegation. The rest of the percentage was considered unsubstantiated or false in their accusations. Some of the crimes committed against children are the following:

• Child neglect and battery
• Underage forced labor
• Child kidnapping and trafficking
• Child molestation
• Exposure to substances that are dangerous

Reporting child abuse is the start of a meaningful relationship between the lawyer and its client. When engaged in a child abuse case, the criminal defense lawyer has that responsibility to be an advocate. A lawyer must first identify how it all started. Therefore, the lawyer must know how child abuse took place and what its components are. Complications which may lead risks for abuse are:

• Family history of child abuse – patterns of an abused parent is being pinpointed as one of the main factors why their children are abused. They to receive the same treatment as what their parents have encountered when they were still children. Sadly, there is no possible treatment seen because of continuous denial that there is something wrong.

• Drug and alcohol abuse – if the child is brought up by alcoholic parents, there is a high tendency that because of being under the influence of drug or alcohol abuse, determination of right and wrong can’t be accounted for. Without control of sudden outburst of impulses, emotional and physical abuse is more likely to happen. Parents or guardians who are always intoxicated tend to abuse their child more often.

When these are diagnosed by the criminal defense lawyer as grounds pertaining to child abuse, then the case will be filed to court. Children who have suffered too much under neglect and abuse may have higher chances of winning a case but that doesn’t mean that the pain of their past will go away. Emotional and physical scarring can be expected to run through parts of their life which may damage the child’s ability to have a healthy relationship as well as the capability to maintain a sense of well-being.

Criminal defense lawyers have the opportunity to make a difference. But first, it should start with a concerned citizen who can no longer take the abuse received by a neighbor or an acquaintance. You may become reluctant in interfering with a life not yours but it is also your responsibility to help others in need, especially children.

If children are taken away from abusive guardians, then they will have a higher chance of healing earlier from what was done to them. That is why, before it’s too late, you should immediately report to concerned authorities in order to proceed with appropriate sanctions.

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